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    August 28, 2017 at 6:06 pm #699


    We are using the theme as a base for a new website we are building. And it works great on most things.
    We are using the demo pages as the starting points of our pages. And edit/replace parts as we go. To suit our needs and to implement dynamic content from the database. And sometimes combine 2-3 demo pages into 1.

    We are also doing some calculations via ajax with checkboxes on extra options people can choose with their trip. This all works fine as well.
    But it gets messed up sometimes by page reloads, visitors will loose all the choices they selected.

    These page reloads seem to be happening when the browser window is resized. Where is that coming from? Where is it used for and can we remove/prevent it from happening?

    In most pages the demo page new-homepage is being used.

    Some of the pages have to load in quite a bit of dynamic data + images + some maps data, so they take a bit longer then the other pages to load.(we are working on slimming it down a bit) But this makes it extra noticeable when the page reloads occur.

    Hope someone can help.

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