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    September 13, 2017 at 12:18 pm #705


    We are having some trouble fitting the logo into the navbar.
    We started from the index4.html (we had the new one first, but we like this better)
    We are converting it into a dynamic page.(with php). but the index4 from the demo is the basis,for the navbar and the scripts etc.

    The initial load is ok. The navbar is a bit higher, with a larger logo.
    When scrolling down, the bar gets slightly smaller, but only the bit that the logo moves up. As you see in the screenshot, the scrolled version just has the logo go up a bit.(probs removing some margin top), but the size stays the same.
    We would like to have this get smaller as in the example.

    Also on mobile – the logo is just to big. But I tought, some css could fix this, except it seems to get overwritten by a script.

    I can only add screenshots, as the site is only locally accessible for us at the moment.

    I hope you can point me to the right, places where we can fix this.

    //use view image to get clearly see (white on white, doesn’t show the start of the image.) – mobile – initial load – scrolled down.

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